How valued are you?

The company I have worked for for 13 years has quite recently accepted the resignation of a really troublesome employee, he in return posted his p60 (a yearly run down of earnings and deductions for those in other countries) on facebook and so we found out that he was on almost double the wage of the rest of us. In my time there I have made many improvements to my area of production. I am the only steel welder at the place and so make the frameworks for nearly* all the items that go out of the door I speeded up my end of things by developing jigs to make the jobs quicker and saved money by making some bits we used to have machined elsewhere myself. One such change was some little blocks we used to have made at a machine shop for use in adjusting motors up and down to tension V belts which they where charged an average of £1 per block and each of this type of frame used 8 of these, I calculated about 11 years ago that it was saving around £7 per frame and all they had to buy to make it possible was a tapping head and a more powerful drilling machine to use it. I am first aider for no extra money (this I do not quibble about, it is something I am glad to do regardless), I went for my forklift licence so I could handle some of the bigger frames we make more easily again for no extra money and it seems that now I am the smuck who gets called to offload deliveries and load up the completed pallets of goods.

However all my contributions for this company seem to have gone unnoticed and/or ignored for it seems my value in this company is about 5/8 of someone who they are glad to be rid of.

there are some items we make that dont require a steel framework *.

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